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Arnold Palmer Invitational.

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I once had a conversation with a gentleman who during the Vietnam war was asked by the President of the United States to provide the US Govt a service while overseas.He told me of the situation and I remember asking “Why on earth would you do that?”. His reply made sense.“Son! When the President of the United States puts his hands on your shoulders and asks for help, it is real hard to turn him down.”

The Arnold Palmer Invitational is this coming weekend.Only 10 of the world’s top 25 ranked players are going to be playing.Mr. Palmer is not able to coerce the world’s top players into turning up.He cannot put his hands on their shoulders, look them in the eye and demand their presence at Bay Hill.Yes, they mutter and profess how much they owe Mr. Palmer. Yes, they recognize his great legacy in the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children he, with wife Winnie, opened in 1989.For one week a year, Mr. Palmer deserves the respect and commitment by those who have benefited most.

The Byron Nelson Classic was once a great, and deeply respected tournament that time has passed by.Mr. Nelson is no longer able to put his hands on shoulders and demand the attendance of golf’s greatest players.Like Mr. Palmer, Mr. Nelson was at the 18th green to thank those who participated.Let us hope that conscience overwhelms both selfishness and players schedule to allow some common sense, and courtesy, to prevail.

Tom Brady SB 51 Champions.

Gisele Bündchen has requested of her husband Tom Brady; New England Patriots Super Bowl winning quarterback; that he retire.Many elite athletes in his enviable position have retired while on top.Some waited far too long, and in this social media driven world received the scorn of both fans and media alike.Some are forced into retirement.The Open Championship, Golf’s oldest major set an [...]

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The Daytona 500 Was Run Sunday.

The Daytona 500 was run last Sunday. Kurt Busch emerged the winner by overtaking those who ran out of fuel on the last lap.A sponsor change for the Great American Race meant that their name was used in all advertising for the race.They paid for it, so they can maximize exposure however they wish. This renaming issue is [...]

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Fear or Greed?

The Stock market is on quite a roll.Whatever the reason, one cannot ignore the fact that a fourteen percent increase in three months is very impressive.Those invested in the market are smiling.Those outside the arena a waiting for the fall.Radio and TV adds giving everyone the “Secret information” necessary to secure one’s future, has shown an equally meteoric rise.Some scream….“buy” and [...]

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Dustin Johnson PGA Championships.

One player hits a fire hydrant and is never the same since, for a myriad of reasons, while another takes an enforced leave of absence from the PGA Tour for undisclosed, yet commonly referenced indiscretions, and rises above it all to become the number one ranked golfer in the world.Dustin Johnson has quietly gone about his business.Dustin Johnson has won an [...]

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Claudio Raieri ​Leicester City F.C..

Leicester City F.C. seem to be in turmoil.Premier League champions one year…..one place off the relegation zone the next.The 2016 season ended in jubilant celebration.Players were lauded,Claudio Ranieri will never have to buy a drink in the city ever again.No one will ever be really sure what happened to cause their demise.There has been much finger pointing and speculation.Player revolt, The [...]

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2017 Australian Open Tennis Championship.

Youth was not served at the 2017 Australian Open Tennis Championship.Al four finalists were over the age of thirty.The Williams sisters fought for the Women’s title but as expected and assumed, Serena handily won over her older sister Venus.When they play one other, the outcome seems to be predetermined.No surprise when Serena achieved a new open era record of 23 [...]

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . .

Disney failed to produce a good Star Wars movie. Luckily, that isn’t this galaxy! In approximately a week, the new movie of the Star Wars saga, Rogue One: A Star Wars story, will be released to theaters. Since they announced the development of the movie in May 2014, there has been no less hype than [...]

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This Great American Pioneer.

It is not everyday that a great American icon is born, nor is it everyday that one passes. However, that day is sadly today. The great American hero, John Glenn, has died at the age of 95. This great American pioneer was the first American to orbit the Earth, as well as the oldest person [...]

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Farewell Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan first came into American lives as an Actress during the 1940’s and 1950’s. Nancy Davis never had a blockbuster role but she did land the role of becoming the wife of then President of the Screen Actors Guild, Ronald Reagan in 1952. When Ronald Reagan was elected as the Governor of California she was his [...]

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