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2015 Major League Baseball.

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Baseball this year has lost some very familiar names. Derek Jeter retired as Yankee Captain, Short stop, and five times World Series Champion, after a season long “Farewell Tour”. A perennial fan favorite, “Captain Clutch” will be hard to replace in both roles as a New York Yankee. Some fans however, may be happy to see Bud Selig retire. After a 23 year career as Commissioner of Baseball he stepped down to the accolade of some and the thankful murmurings of others. Cubs’ pitcher, Ryan Dempster made his retirement official after a 16 year career totaling 132 wins from the mound. Alfonso Soriano belted 412 home runs during his New York Yankee and Washington Nationals career. Josh Beckett pitched 14 seasons winning 138 games. No two games were more important than when he beat the Yankees twice in 2003 to lead the Miami Marlins to that year’s World Series victory. Bobby Abreu played in 2433 games and proved to be an all round player. 288 home runs and 400 stolen bases are on his resume. Dontrelle Willis finally handed the ball to his manger for the last time. Winning 72 games he was a sensation for the Florida Marlins during their 2003 World Series winning season winning 2003 Rookie of the Year in the process. Jason Giambi showed the baseball faithful the good and bad side of the National Pastime. Caught up the PED scandal he came clean had an extended career. When he moved from Oakland to the Yankees his bat continued to do the talking. Over his career he hit 440 home runs, off 2010 hits. The names here are all well known and for some a Baseball Hall of Fame induction awaits. Their replacements on the team roster and hopefully on the diamond will try and forge their own achievements.



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