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2017 Australian Open Tennis Championship.

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Youth was not served at the 2017 Australian Open Tennis Championship.Al four finalists were over the age of thirty.The Williams sisters fought for the Women’s title but as expected and assumed, Serena handily won over her older sister Venus.When they play one other, the outcome seems to be predetermined.No surprise when Serena achieved a new open era record of 23 Grand slam singles victories.The Men’s final was fought for between a thirty-five-year-old Roger Federer, and a thirty-year-old Raphael Nadal.Both were returning from injuries, and both had survived tense five set matches in the Semis.Old guys are not supposed to do that.Roger Federer was the 17th seed while Rafael Nadal was given a higher ranking as the 9th seed for this tournament.I am an early riser and the match started at 3-30 am Eastern time.I tuned in with three games played in the first set.I was wide awake very quickly.The match twisted and turned seemingly with each point.I think it was John McEnroe who boldly announced that “Superman Returns” after Feder won a great hard fought point in the final set.It was against Nadal’s serve and when Nadal double faulted immediately after, I felt the end was near.Someone forgot to Nadal that.The following games were a tribute to the competitiveness, and the will to win, of both contestants.Even when the final point was played Nadal refused to concede defeat, challenging the call.To no avail.Federer won his 18th individual grand slam event.Two “old guys” set a great example for the youth of today.Two “old guys” displayed a passion and determination, that was a credit tothem both.



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