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Alabama Wins 2017 Football Championship.

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Alabama 2017 Wins NCAA Championship Photo Framed.

The 2017 NCAA Football Championship game will be remembered for a long time. Georgia raced to a 13-0 lead during the first half, only to watch Alabama claw back into the game and be tied at the full-time whistle. During the resulting overtime period Alabama showed their poise to win the game with a 41-yard touchdown pass from a rookie quarterback. Half the stadium went nuts. The other half “went not again!”. I was invited to a Georgia – Alabama game held in Rome Georgia in the late 80’s. Another hard-fought game, that swung both ways. With little time left on the clock Georgia scored to retake the lead. The whole stadium erupted… The Alabama travelling contingent had their heads in their hands. As a guest I watched the passion that can only be exhibited in sporting events involving two fierce rivals. The Alabama players dragged themselves into position to receive the kick off and accept their fate. The receiver ran that kick off back for a touchdown. Pandemonium among the travelling Alabama fans, and the most awful silence I have ever “heard” among the Georgia fans. I wonder how many of those humbled Georgia fans were in the Stadium last evening. As the expression is……. Déjà vu all over again.

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