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American Sniper Movie Poster Display.

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American Sniper Movie Poster Framed.

American Sniper is the true story of Chris Kyle. Chris Kyle was, as the movie title suggests a Marine Sniper who racked up 160 confirmed kills, making him the deadliest such operative in U.S. Navy history. Director Clint Eastwood has depicted the life of a Soldier who had success as a Sniper but could not later succeed in both married and Civilian life. Clint Eastwood created an aura around Chris Kyle showing the beliefs instilled by his father. The world, according to his Father, is divided into sheep, and wolves, who are only kept apart by “Sheepdogs”, those rare, righteous souls called to protect those incapable of protecting themselves, from those who intend them harm. As usual Director Clint Eastwood has brought us to a conclusion, just as he has in previous movies he has directed. As entertaining as they have been, his movies always have a moral point to make. American Sniper does just that. American Sniper spent much of its time showing Chris Kyle as one who lived his life based on the clarity and sincerity of his bedrock convictions. Hard choices made under stress, may not always be right, but least they were the morally correct decisions. American Sniper, education as well as entertainment.



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