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Basketball Memorabilia

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In 1891, Dr James Naismith combined a soccer ball with a peach basket and inaugurated a new indoor game to be played during the Massachusetts winter season. The Peach baskets were hung from a ten foot railing in the local YMCA and the soccer ball was "dribbled" up the court and "shot" at the peach basket. The first rules were instituted in 1892. Since then basketball has been played in the playgrounds, Schools, gymnasiums, and professional venues all over the world. Basketball hoops are seen in the backyard, and, the driveway. Games are seen by as little as a few friends, or as many as the 33,000 fans who flock to the Syracuse University Carrier Dome.

Basketball has become big business, and a huge fan favorite. College and professional game are televised, and those images are shown worldwide. Along with the NBA Finals, the NCAA's "March Madness" dominate the Basketball scene. Millions of Basketball fans, and even those who pay no attention to the game the rest of the year, all become fans. Time is spent filling out their brackets, entering office pools, and avidly watching the games seated at their office desks. Fans spend days arguing the merits or otherwise of their alma mater, as they have since the first NCAA Tournament in 1939. If you know the winner of that first tournament, you are true aficionado

The business of basketball is not limited to team ownership, or the sale of tickets to games. It also includes memorabilia. Team, and individual jerseys, be they signed, or unsigned, are worn everywhere from the playground to the local shopping malls. Images of favorite players are given as gifts, or purchased for personal use as fans clamor to get closer to their preferred starter or "bench warmer". Basketballs are purchased to be used on the court, or on the pavement. The business of Basketball Memorabilia includes, but is not limited to, signed sneakers, signed stadium flooring, logoed hats and caps, figurines, magazines collector cards, programs and tickets.

Fans have fan favorites. Michael Jordan as a Chicago Bull probably leads the list among the retired players and his signed jerseys and signed photo remain top sellers to this day. Magic Johnson was the leader of "Showtime" for the Los Angeles Lakers and sells well to this day. Other fan favorites from the past include Wilt Chamberlain whose authentically signed memorabilia has been difficult to find but with recent signing it is now available. A team mate of Magic Johnson was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who leads nearly all NBA record categories. He played for 20 seasons and "Skyhooked" his way to the most points in NBA History with 38,387 points. Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics won three NBA Titles and three MVP awards. Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics, led four other Hall of Fame players to eleven NBA Championships. Oscar Robertson of the then, Cincinnati Royals, became the first NBA Player to average a "triple double" for the season when he did so in 1961. Hakeem Olajuwon, the Houston Rockets Center and leader of the "Phi Slama Jama" era, is considered one of the greatest centers ever to play the game, winning Back to back NBA titles in 1994-95. Jerry West of the Los Angeles Lakers is remembered as both "Mr. Clutch" and also "The Logo" as his silhouette is used in the NBA logo. Elgin Baylor known for his hanging jump shots led the Lakers to eight NBA finals but failed to win a Championship. All the Basketball Hall of Fame, retired players have their stories. All the retired Hall of Fame players have their place in history and much of their individual and team careers are shown and commemorated in officially licensed, Authentically signed, matted and framed, ready to hang memorabilia It is important that fans recognize the past champions, the Hall of Fame members, and Signature Royale are proud to make that possible.

Today's players are made out to be taller, bigger, faster, and better. Their game highlights are shown on the sports shows every evening. Fans thrill at the "alley oop", Sigh at the "brick", hold their breath for the shot from "Downtown", idolize the "posterized" play, and beg the player to "take it to the hole". All in the span of a 30 second highlight reel. We see a lot of Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder; LeBron James of the Miami Heat; Paul George of the Indiana Pacers; Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers; Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves; Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors; Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks; Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers; James Harden of the Houston Rockets, and Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets.

These great players will hopefully take their place in history. Officially licensed, authentically signed photos, Jerseys, and in some cases, signed shoes, are available now. The old adage of "presentation is everything" and our presentation of the basketball signed photos, signed Jerseys and other basketball memorabilia speaks for itself. You deserve it. Give the gift you are proud to give. Get the piece you have always wanted, and are proud to hang on your wall. Get the piece your friends and family ask "Where did you get that?" and not "What is that?" Our custom frame department is available for you, to frame your treasure, your way. Or purchase our custom framed, officially licensed, authentically signed items, from our website.

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