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Bayern Munich Memorabilia

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Bayern Munich showed their class in Wednesday's Champions League match against Arsenal. As a cohesive unit, they weathered the initial storm. Arsenal were confident home until Mesut Ozil decided to place both hands around his throat, and promptly took a penalty that only his mother could love. Bayern appreciated the miss so much they returned the favor as Bayern's David Alba promptly hit the post with his more confident, but misdirected penalty effort. The second half saw Bayern's dominance increase resulting in the two "away" that are always an asset in the Champions League format. Arsene Wenger was his normal, complaining, monotone, self in the post match press conferences proclaiming to all that the loss was not their fault, as he proclaims after every loss. The referee, the weather and the moon was also against them. It even took him longer to zip up his coat at the beginning of the second half. But the fact remains Arsenal were no match for Bayern Munich and they can say "IF" as many times as they like.... it will not change the result.



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