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Breaking Bad Collage.

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A client asked for a Breaking Bad signed Collage. Knowing nothing about the series I started to watch of the episodes, starting with the first episode. I realized why some of the letters are in green. The symbols for elements. It took a few episodes but I got it. The “Crystal Meth” scene I am totally unfamiliar with but the show put its hooks into me and I have been watching the odd episode when reruns rule the normal TV Scheduling. This weekend I was watching seas on five episode 3 and I had a pleasant surprise. The dulcet tones of Roy Philips singing “On a clear day, You can see forever”. The sound was unmistakable. Just last week I was explaining Roy Phillips and the Peddlers to a 25 year old who knows all the Rap guys, but not a late 60’s, early 70’s English trio who toured New Zealand yearly. I never missed a concert. I have a signed cover of an early Peddlers album framed on my office wall and I had sent it to him as an example as to how we frame music albums. Real vinyl, with the cover also. Nostalgia on steroids. Somehow it made the time spend watching the tube, all worth while as for a brief time, I was back in the Christchurch town hall, at a Peddlers concert, mesmerized by the music, the crowd reaction, and the vigorous applause. I dragged out my old MP3 player, earbuds, and spent the rest of the day reliving my youth. Every Peddlers song transferred from Cassette and CD to my MP3 for these nostalgic moments. I was 21 again for a brief moment. Then I stood up and my knees brought me back to reality.



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