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Carolina Panthers Advanced To NFC Championship Game.

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The Carolina Panthers whipped the Seattle Seahawks to proceed to the NFC Championship game with the Arizona Cardinals for the right to play for Super Bowl 50. The statistics for the game are badly skewed as Carolina raced to a 31-0 first half lead and then coasted the rest of the way. Sure, the Seattle Seahawks had more first downs. The Seattle Seahawks had more passing yards. They led in total yards, and turnovers. The Carolina Panthers had more rushing yards. The Carolina Panthers had a greater time of possession. But more importantly they scored more points. Stats are great. They may help a player receiver a better contract but what counts in these games are points on the board, and the Carolina Panthers outplayed the Seattle Seahawks. Russell Wilson did not exactly excel during the first half getting sacked and throwing two interceptions. His offensive line failed in their task to protect him effectively and that contributed greatly to his bad first half. By the time the Seahawks clicked the Game was over. Points. Not stats are the most important factor in a game. Not individual statistics.



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