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Christmas Came Early.

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Christmas came early this year for two Communist countries. First North Korea hacks Sony Pictures website and manages to leak all kind of personal information including, Social Security numbers, personal emails and yet unreleased movies. The powers that be at Sony are left scrambling to restore order as many of the emails proved to be detrimental to good relations to many including the President of the United States and Angelina Jolie. Then to top all the embarrassment Sony pictures are blackmailed into stopping the release of a movie based on a fictitious assassination of the North Korean leader. They bailed, they folded, they collapsed, bowing down to internet threats. Second, Cuba regains it seat “at the table” with the United States when President Obama decides that fifty years are enough of embargo, financial and otherwise and for “Humanitarian reasons” relations are to be restored and many of the restrictions imposed on the communist Cuban regime are to be lifted. Well “Kumbaya my Lord” . The Cuban people have been tortured, Oppressed, and their Civil Liberties went out the window in 1959. But Cuba not only has the best medical system in the world, according the misguided amongst us, it also has the best Cigars and the best rum. The opening of relations with Cuba will result in all those beautiful old cars ending up in the USA and cigars and Rum will become a little more available. The Cuban people, those who need the help, those who have suffered for years under a communist regime, will see little benefit. Twice in a week the USA caved….. and that from a leadership that says we don’t negotiate with terrorists.



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