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Christmas Time For Family.

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It is that time of year when everyone makes lists. Most try to avoid the dreaded “Naughty” list that supposedly is kept by Santa Claus. New Years resolution lists are made with all the usual promises being made to oneself, and others. Some, still have a shopping list in their possession for the requisite holiday purchases and the retail outlets play into their hands by having extended hours this Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas and it is the time of year when most sane people realize what is truly important in their lives. For many, it is the only time they connect with their family be it in person, phone, text or face book. These token moments are often seen as a chore. These token moments are often seen as something that has to be done. In this mobile society we all live in families are spread across the state, across the country and in many families across the globe. In some instances the separation is due to defending god and country in foreign lands. In some instances the separation is due to economic opportunity, and in some cases the separation is due to personal flight. Christmas is a time of Family. Family is more important that many realize. The joys, and burdens, in one’s life can be easily shared if a “Family” is involved. That Family may be Military, Work related, or brothers and sisters, parents, aunts and uncles. Whoever your “Family” is, we at Signature Royale, hope you are able to spend time together this Christmas.



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