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Claudio Raieri ​Leicester City F.C..

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Leicester City F.C. seem to be in turmoil.Premier League champions one year…..one place off the relegation zone the next.The 2016 season ended in jubilant celebration.Players were lauded,Claudio Ranieri will never have to buy a drink in the city ever again.No one will ever be really sure what happened to cause their demise.There has been much finger pointing and speculation.Player revolt, The removal of Chicken from the clubs menu, too much money, too quickly have all been suggested.Financial ramifications are my bet.Losing the Premier League money probably weighed heavily in the decision-making process.The Championship is hard to escape from once a club is relegated.Just ask Leeds, Wigan, or Fulham. I can accept the financial risk in keeping Ranieri with the clubs current position in the table.I just hope it is not a case of the “Inmates running the asylum”



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