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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Now in FULL Swing.

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is in full swing in Las Vegas. The show is huge, covering over two million square feet of displays, by over thirty six hundred vendors. Approximately one hundred and sixty thousand attendees are expected to view the latest technological advances. This year’s show is highlighting major advances in driverless vehicles, virtual reality headsets, Home integration products and smart watches. Intel is proud of its new and improved 3D technology. New laptops from all the manufacturers highlight more power and reduced size. Televisions have become curved, bigger and with a better picture. New phones from many manufacturers including Blackberry and LG are hoping to grab a larger market share. Tablets have become cheaper, bigger faster and more desirable. Attendees are like a kid in a candy store as the latest products are displayed in all categories. But be careful.. Electronics date quickly and what is “must have” this week, is usually surpassed by the next “Must Have” item with alarming speed.



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