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Cristiano Ronaldo Shows Liverpool F.C. How It is DONE.

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Liverpool F.C received a Champions League welcome when Real Madrid C. F showed up at Anfield and scored three goals in twenty minutes of the first half and then cruised to an easy victory. The famous “This is Anfield” had no intimidation Factor at all as once Real Madrid weathered the open twenty minute storm from Liverpool it was an uphill battle for the “Reds”, the rest of the way. A leaky defense, an ineffective Balotelli , and a display of Counter attacking football by a football club that actually knows the meaning of the words “Strong Defense”, led to Liverpool’s demise. A brilliant goal from, who else but, Cristiano Ronaldo, two more from Karim Benzema, and it was over in the first half. The Liverpool faithful showed their class however when, upon Ronaldo’s substitution the gave him the ovation he deserved. Last year Liverpool F.C were a Steven Gerrard slip away from winning the Barclays Premier League. To remain in the Champions league further than the group stages, they cannot afford any more slip ups.



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