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Cristiano Ronaldo Wins his 3rd Ballon d'Or.

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Cristiano Ronalod wins 2014 Ballon d'Or photo.

Cristiano Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or today for the third time. He deserved it. Winning the Champions League last year probably helped his cause. The talking heads have broken down all the stats to inform you of the reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo was give this year’s Ballon d Or which was first awarded in 1956 to the English footballer Stanley Matthews. The differences between to two are not that different. Both were charismatic characters whose legion of fans was appreciative of their respective talent. Both practiced a fitness regime and nutritional diet. Fot Stanley Matthews one day a week was devoted solely to Carrot Juice. His training included long walks. It must have worked as he played professionally until he was Fifty Years old. Cristiano Ronaldo’s fitness regime includes three thousand sit ups, so when he poses at the corner flag you can count the “six pack”. Both were very skilled with the ball at their feet, and routinely left defenders in their wake. The major difference however is in the remuneration they received for their performances. Cristiano Ronaldo’s income is reported at three hundred and eighty thousand pounds per month. Stanley Matthews income from football was two hundred pounds per month and he increased that by some endorsements, including a cigarette company. The most telling fact that showed the difference in the first and last Ballon d Or recipients is, in all his years on the pitch, Stanley Matthews, never received a booking.



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