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Dean Smith Will Be Remember As The Head Coach UNC.

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Dean Smith will be remembered for being the Head Basketball Coach at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Dean Smith will be remembered for his thirty-six years of service to the school. Dean Smith will be remembered for his 879 victories as Head Coach. Dean Smith will be remembered for his two National Championships. Dean Smith will be remembered for his twenty-six All Americans, and twenty Five NBA first round draft choices. He also needs to be remembered for his innovations that changed the game he loved forever. In 1966 he broke the color barrier at UNC when he offered Charlie Scott a full athletic scholarship. His Four corners offense, that many considered a defense, was so successful that the NCAA instituted the shot clock in 1985. The 1979 game against Duke where the half time score was 7-0 Duke could have been the “poster child” for that NCAA Change. He instituted Multiple screens against a zone defense. He instituted Team huddles before free throws. He instituted the now traditional “Senior Day” saluting the Seniors on the day of their final home game. The “Tired” signal flashed by players to the bench was a Dean Smith innovation. The Point Guard calling the plays and pointing to the passer after an exceptional pass were both Dean Smith innovations. Here in North Carolina he will always be one of North Carolina’s sons. Here in North Carolina they have conveniently forgotten he both played for and coached at their rivals Kansas



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