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Donald Trump Is A POLARIZING Character.

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No matter what your view of the man, or his politics, he commands attention. He knows what buttons to push for maximum effect. Donald Trump knows the media and has used that knowledge to full effect. His Real Estate Empire, and other business ventures depend on his high visibility to drive success. Donald Trump has never seen a Television camera or a microphone he did not like. Donald Trump’s views, and his opinions are freely given and many of his conclusions are applauded by some, yet dismissed by others. His blanket statements regarding the illegal immigration along our southern border stirred the passion and brought the situation to the forefront. The John McCain comments were not well received. He is an equal opportunity offender, Lindsay Graham, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, President Obama, and even a Mexican Drug Kingpin has been on the receiving end of his stated opinions. The fact is that he speaks of topics that are generally hidden under a cloak of decency. Many comedians use the same tactics, when they make us laugh at what we generally do not speak of in public. Donald Trump does not have laughter in mind. He has the highest office in the land.



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