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Fear or Greed?

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The stock market is a little up and down at the moment. As I write, it is teetering around 15,700. Fear and greed creep into the equation. “It is going to go lower” that statement can be a fearful comment to those who are afraid of losing capital. That same comment can appeal to those who are driven by greed as they see the opportunity to purchase a commodity at a greatly reduced price. “Fear or Greed” can be used to determine the real reason behind a proposal. “Fear or Greed” can be used to plan a course in life. “Fear or Greed” can be the hidden reason behind a TV, Radio or print advertisement. A simple statement like “One Week Only” or “The best time is now” can influence a buying or selling decision. Advertisements, like indicators, motive can be determined by asking the question “…are they playing to my fear or my greed….” How you answer that question determines what path you will take.



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