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Green Bay Packers Cruise By Philadelphia Eagles.

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Green Bay Packers Signed & Unsigned Memorabilia.

Green Bay has woken up from slumber. Last week it was a 55-14 victory and this week, the Philadelphia Eagles were humbled 53-20. It was 30-6 by the half. The final score was a lot kinder than it actually was as the Eagles scored two late touchdowns when any score by either team was absolutely meaningless. The game had been long over. Most give credit to the offense and all those points they scored and usually I would agree. However in this instance I believe the Green Bay Defense is deserving of all the accolades. The defense forced fumbles and turnovers in 8 of the first 11 Eagle possessions. A really good defense prevents an offense from running designed plays. Once improvisation rears its ugly head in a NFL game, only bad things happen. For Green Bay opponents, bad things have happened two weeks in a row. All due, to a solid defense. The Offense gets the glory, but for Green Bay, the Defense does all the hard work. That deserves recognition.



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