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​I am one who believes music “died” in 1965.

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I am one who believes music “died” in 1965. The Beatles Went Crazy, the duos who produced harmonic sounds, had all but disappeared, and rock and roll became head banging noise. There a few exceptions to my self imposed ban. The Eagles. Five number one hits, six Grammy Awards, five American Music Awards, and one of the greatest albums ever produced, “Hotel California”. “Take it Easy” in 1972 set the tone for their smooth style which was very pleasant on the ear. My favorite is of all their early work is “Lyin Eyes”. Very few of their tracks see me changing the station however. Yesterday Eagles founding member, Glenn Fry passed away. An era has come to an end. Accolades have been received from the music world and fans alike and they are well deserved. Like any group of individuals the Eagles have had their issues and the fourteen year hiatus from each other is evident of that. But, they continued on. With Glenn Fry’s passing a key ingredient of their leadership is no longer there. Their music will live on…. but will the group?



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