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I'm a Talk Radio Junkie.

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I am a talk radio junkie. It is just background noise, but sometimes a snippet of information is passed along that catches my attention. Tiger Woods topics are one of those topics that catches my attention. Years ago I was listening when Colin Cowherd posed the question “Why would Tiger Woods who went to Stanford, with one of the finest medical facilities in the world forgo their expertise and go to some obscure doctor in Canada for treatment?” His reasoning was that there was something fishy in his decision. Later this analysis was given credence when the said Canadian Doctor was implicated in the performance enhancing drugs scandals surrounding Major League Baseball. The rumors were confirmed when an associate of the Canadian Doctor was detained at the US border with PED in his possession. Fast forward to yesterday. On Mike and Mike in the morning the topic was Tiger Woods and his current slump. Golic was asked what he thought Tigers issues were and his answer indicated that “The Whispers of PEDs surrounding Tiger……..” and their use, may have caught up with his rehabilitation from injury. PED’d are a quick fix and can be detrimental over the long term. Twice ESPN has raised the PSD issue with Tiger. Twice a very litigious Tiger Woods has done nothing. A lot of issues are swept under the rug when you are number one. These issues may gain voice when you are no longer top of the mountain. The old adage may ring true, “Where there is smoke generally there is fire”



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