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James Bond Fans Rejoice.

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James Bond fans rejoice. A new Bond movie is in the works and Daniel Craig, once again is cast as the “savior of the world”. Spectre, will be the 24th official Bond movie produced by Pinewood Studios. The world’s evil foe “Spectre” returns also after a hiatus created by a dispute between former Bond Movie producer Kevin McClory, and Eon, the British Film Production Company. New characters require new actors and Dave Bautista, (as Mr. Hinx ); Monica Bellucci, (as Lucia Sciarra ); and Andrew Scott (as Denby); have agreed to participate. Ralp Fiennes (as M); Ben Wishlaw, (as Q); and Naomie Harris (as Moneypenny) are returning to their familiar roles. Filming begins next week and locations have been predicted as London, Rome, Mexico City and exotic, Morocco. Bigger news for the Bond Faithfull is the return of Aston Martin as the car of choice. The Aston Martin DB10 was introduced to the world on the Pinewood Studios 007 stage December 4th 2014. A British car for a British hero is a welcome return. Only ten vehicles will be produced so it will be in great demand. I have a feeling if you have to enquire about the price you probably can’t afford it. Scheduled release is December 6th 2015 and “Spectre” will be much anticipated. To those of us who remember the beginning of the Bond series, Sean Connery will always be “the” James Bond, All those who followed are just pretenders.



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