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Joe Cocker toured New Zealand and before his Dunedin Concert.

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In 1977 Joe Cocker toured New Zealand and before his Dunedin Concert I was able to meet him. He and his band were staying at a hotel I worked at during the evenings. A call came down for room service and I delivered the items to a room. Joe Cocker opened the door. No one was more surprised than me. All I remember is that he tipped well and was appreciative of the service. He had an eight o’clock performance at the Dunedin Town Hall and I also remember he and the band did not leave until nine forty five. I think they were late. Yesterday, the news of his passing, caused memories all around the world, to surface. Hopefully they were as pleasurable as my remembrance was. His songs, and his body of work will live on. His cover of the Beatles, “With a Little Help from my Friends” in 1968 got he and his band invited to Woodstock. In 1975 he gave hope to all gravelly voiced singers when “You are So Beautiful” was a worldwide hit. He and his bands released Twenty Two studio Albums, Nine Live Albums, Fourteen Compilation Albums and Sixty Eight Singles. Enough memories for everyone.



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