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Jordan Spieth ground out another PGA tour victory this weekend.

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Jordan Spieth ground out another PGA tour victory this weekend at the Eastlake Country Club in Atlanta. The victory was not significant as far as his record breaking year was concerned Yes, he won the Tour Championship and the Fed Ex Cup on the same day. Yes, he won PGA Tour player of the Year over Jason Day as a result. Yes, he was given the Vardon Trophy for an adjusted scoring average of 68.911 per round. Yes he returned to the top as World #1 in the rankings. Yes, he won twenty two million dollars this year. But, the importance of the day was not lost on the writer. Jordan Spieth equaled the feat of the writer who won a tournament in 1992 at the exact same venue. The annual Golf Collectors Society meeting was held in Atlanta that year and after playing Peachtree with fellow Collector Mark Emerson the day before, the annual golf tournament was played at Eastlake. I did not score as well as Jordan Spieth, but I played better than anyone else and was presented a with a commemorative ceramic head putter for my feat. I still have it. Jordan Spieth won twelve million dollars for his victory last Sunday. The writer won six dollars from his playing partners. The money is incidental. It is the bragging rights we play for. Jordan Spieth joined the Eastlake Country Club winners club. He got his name on a big trophy and his photo flashed around the world. I got a ceramic putter and a photo of the four of us on the first tee. Welcome to club Jordan



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