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Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers has won 2 Straight Games on the ROAD.

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The Los Angeles Lakers are not productive this year at all. The only good stat so far is that Kobe Bryant passed the 32,000 point mark against the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday. Abdul Jabbar, Michael Jordan and Karl Malone are in his sights. His scoring average is over 27 points a game so it should only be ten or eleven games before he moves into third place on the all time scoring list. The headline was the “Lakers Win Again” it used to be news when they lost. How quickly things change. “Show Time” is gone replaced by a half court offense that relies solely on Kobe Bryant and Nick Young. All the pundits have the same refrain “They better hope Kobe Bryant stays healthy”. Some are even predicting a 25 win season. Kobe’s Quantity rather than quality shooting has even raised the thought that it is time for him to go. Losing Steve Nash hurt. Dr Jerry Buss, Mitch Kupchak and the gang need to reverse this trend of Laker bashing. The only way to stop the barbs, is for the players to perform on the court. That will quiet the doubters. Well…… maybe. Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks will still say “I hope the Lakers Suck forever”.



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