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LeBron James Lost To The NY Knicks Is Part Of The Process.

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Lebron James "The Return" Signed Card Display.

“It’s a process” is a term that drives me crazy. No one accepts that fact that a failure to execute is just that… failure. The Cleveland Cavaliers, at home, facing a New York Nicks team, mauled by the Chicago Bulls the previous evening…. failed. “It’s a process” was trotted out as the excuse. How about turning a basketball game into a circus both before and after the game. If that was part of the “process” it failed. LeBron’s “Friends and Family” were all there to witness the return of “King James”. He rewarded the assembled throng by amassing 17 points on 5-of-15 shooting, and committing eight turnovers…. failure. Blaming a poor performance on a new baby in the house surely cannot be discounted as part of the “process” but rather searching for a valid excuse for….. failure. The Cleveland Cavaliers better get the “process” rolling soon. Tonight they face the high flying Chicago Bulls. Maybe King James gets some sleep and the “process” (in the real world…. basic fundamentals) is achieved”.



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