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Lewis Hamilton Wins 2014 Malaysia GP.

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lewis hamilton wins gp

Formula One seems to be off track. A change in engines, and a change of car design has brought turmoil to the sport. Formula One cars are not supposed to be subject to political correctness. They are supposed to be rocket ships on four wheels. They are supposed to be loud. They are supposed to allow the guys with the best technology, and the best driver, to win the most races. Despite the new restrictions that were designed to make "F1 more like your daily Driver" Mercedes is dominant. All teams are not the same, as the powers at be had hoped. Mercedes is so dominant at the moment the trailing teams may never catch up. Team drivers, Hamilton and Rosberg better press home the advantage while they can. A few more consecutive Mercedes victories may send this 2014 season into the worst anticlimax ever. It may not matter that the last races of the season have some crazy points system keep the fans interested. True race fans wish to see the best, be the best, not shackled by idiotic rule changes designed to stifle teams creativity. The search for speed used to encompass better aerodynamics and more horsepower. Now Computers decide the outcome of races. Lewis Hamilton won this weekend's race at the Sepang track in Malaysia and probably will win the majority of the remaining races. He is cruising right now and everyone else is playing "catch up".

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