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Luis Suarez Bites Giorgio Chiellini

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Luis Suarez got off light. A nine game World Cup games, and and four month worldwide ban from the game, is not enough for a third offense. Especially, due to the violent, childish nature of the crime. FIFA imposed the longest ban for a non drug related incident but stopped short of the power afforded them. They had the power to impose a 24 month ban, in all arenas. A twelve month ban would have helped the image of a game that now has many problems. What was a good tackle years ago, now brings a yellow card. A seemingly innocent coming together of two players sees one or both going down as they have been pole axed, never to walk upright again yet two minutes later all is well and they are sprinting down the sideline. Diving, aka "Simulation" because it does sound as harsh or devious, influences games in ways never dreamed of. Referees are put on the spot to make a snap judgment, in a game unfolding at full speed before them. No replays here. Goal line technology has removed one chance of human error, now let's do it for the major decisions made during the Match that influence the direct outcome of the game. I am not suggesting reply during the game but if replays indicate blatant cheating, by diving, elbows, studs up tackles etc these issues can be addressed after the game and suitable punishment dealt. Such feats should not be limited to biting. There is no excuse for what happens on the field. The generations before the modern game "took care" of the offenders themselves. With today's prima donnas more worried about their abs, their hair, and their boot contracts, the game on the pitch is becoming more like "World Wide Wrestling" with their antics rather than the "beautiful game" we all love. Not everyone is tarnished by the theatre aspect of the game yet. It needs to be stopped before the on field antics deteriorate into a sport where they throw chairs at one another to settle an argument.



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