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Maria Sharapova Dilemma

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Maria Sharapova did the only thing she could do. Her admission of guilt for taking a recently banned substance deflected a lot of pointing fingers. The drug in question is used primarily as a stamina and energy enhancer. Sharapova tried to indicate she took the drug for other reasons, but the public, and more importantly her sponsors, are not buying it. Her proposed four year ban from competition will effectively end her career and put a huge dent in her off court income, suggested to be thirty million dollars a year. Nike, Porsche, and Tag Heuer, all pulled the plug on her association with them. Maria Sharapova’s protestation that she took the drug not knowing its stamina and energy boosting affect , might stand up if it were not for her three set win record. She has the highest percentage of three set victories of all current players. Do we choose to remember the seventeen year old who phoned her mother from center court at Wimbledon, or do we choose to remember the recent revelations. That will be a personal choice we all have to make.



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