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Match Fixing.

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Tennis players’, being paid to fix matches, has reared its ugly head. This weekend Novak Djokovic played 14th seed Gillies Simon. I watched part of the match, and like many other viewers, was astonished at Djokovic’s choice of shot at crucial moments in games and sets. Winning the first set was his usual breeze against a lesser player. He pushed him all over the court, hammering winners at will. Next set, Djokovic played the same way, except, the final shot in the rally was some idiotic chip shot, or power drive that failed to stay on the court. One cannot help but start thinking about the insinuations raised this week about tennis. The Djokovic –Simon match was the only game I saw, and I am not saying that Djokovic fixed the match. I am saying however, that, seeing this match makes you wonder. Novak Djokovic made one hundred unforced errors in this match. I would believe someone who stated he does not make that many during a tournament, let alone a single match. Djokovic then proceeds to “crush” his next two opponents. Federer, and Murray. Maybe I am over reacting to the reports of match fixing. Maybe Roger Federer has the right strategy, “Name names”. The 1919 Black Sox scandal judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis, throw nearly everyone of the players out of Baseball, period. He had it right. Match fixing has affected Cricket, match fixing has affected basketball, match fixing has affected European, and English football. Most of the match fixing is driven from Asia. Match fixing is detrimental to all sports. Tennis just happens to be in the spotlight.



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