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Miguel Cabrera Contract Extension

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Miguel Cabrera Contract Extension, Memorabilia, Autographs, Signed Photos, Detroit Tigers

Need a loan? Maybe Miguel Cabrera can help you out. If the rumors prove to be correct, Cabrera is about to sign an extension of his contract to stay in Detroit the rest of his career. Apparently he loves the Tigers and the City of Detroit and agreed to take less to stay where he is. Does that mean he is worth more on the open market than the potentially three hundred and fifty million dollar deal being discussed? The Tigers obviously believe a thirty year old is worth a long term contract. Twice, American League MVP, an eight time All-Star, and openly regarded as the best offensive player in the game, Cabrera has shown he probably is worth the guarantee of two hundred and ten million. With a batting average of .321 and currently 365 home runs the Detroit Tigers hope he is being handsomely rewarded for what he is going to achieve and not for his past record.



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