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Mike Pettine Head Coach From Cleveland Browns Turning the Browns to the Right Direction.

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The Cleveland Browns named Mike Pettine as Head Coach this January and he had a tall task to turn the franchise around. The eight coach in 15 years, the Browns were coasting, Trying to establish a new identity since their 1999 revival, and return to their roots. The Cleveland Browns have a storied past. Legendary Paul Brown led the team for their most successful period achieving seven NFL Conference Championships, four AAFC Championships and three NFL Championships. He was hardnosed and a disciplinarian by nature. His expectations were high and the players responded to those expectations. Mike Pettine looks like he is of the same hardnosed, disciplinarian, ilk. When former players gripe against a head coach as aloof, and demanding, you know they cannot take the level of the high expectation asked of them. Mike Pettine is known for his hard work and good player communication. He gets his point across. He gets his expectancy of high achievement across, and he is not afraid to make to tough calls. Despite losing key players in key positions to injury he still has achieved a 6-3 record this year to be tied for the division lead. They have won three in a row. Mike Pettine has to be given credit. Good Leaders are not afraid to lead by example, not afraid to demand excellence, and not afraid to make big decisions. Mike Pettine, Cleveland Browns head coach, has started the turn towards the top, on the right path to winning the games they should win, and competing for sixty minutes, in the games they could win.



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