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Muhammad Ali Hospitalized with Mild Pneumonia. Customer Going Crazy Over Muhammad Ali Memorabilia.

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Muhammad Ali Signed Canvas Ali Over Liston.

The phone rang at Signature Royale on Saturday afternoon and the woman who called seemed frantic. She enquired as to what Muhammad Ali signed items we have in stock and was adamant, she wanted them immediately. A man in the background was feeding her the information to ask about the items we had on hand, and wanted to come right then. I priced the items for him and expected a visit almost immediately as they were local. No shows. Sunday morning I read that Muhammad Ali was hospitalized with a mild case of pneumonia. This information was issued with the advisory that Muhammad Ali was expected to make a full recovery, as the problem was diagnosed and treated early. It was strange that the first place I saw it in print was an English newspaper, but it makes sense, due to earlier press times. Memorabilia Collectors always want to believe they are one jump ahead of everyone else. The limited supply of Muhammad Ali authentically signed items is limited. He has been unable to sign now for many years, due to both his Parkinson ’s disease, and contractual obligations. Officially licensed items will become more in demand. We wish Muhammad Ali all the best and a speedy recovery. Muhammad Ali has signed a lot of items through the years, both officially, and unofficially. Officially licensed, authentically signed items are preferred and although the demand may increase temporarily, the safety they provide is a comforting thought.



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