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Music Memorabilia

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Signature Royale has a client who purchases music pieces from us. With each image we provide a brief synopsis of both the performer and the image. The research we undertake is extensive and informative. I have learned the names and the history of performers, who until now, I had had no knowledge of whatsoever. Jazz, Rappers, Rock and Roll, and Country Artists are all on the list. Some of the information accumulated goes under the heading, “Can’t write that”. I have always said that music died in 1965, with the advent of the head banging rock and roll. The generation before me may have said music died with the visual of Elvis and his gyrating hips. I have learned a lot. Rappers from the East Coast and West Coast engaged in a battle that culminated in the violent deaths of Tupac and Notoriuos B.I.G. Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain had little in common in the field of music but their religious beliefs and, fight for social issues gave them something in common. I learned that Ozzy Osbourne passed out during Randy Rhoads audition for guitarist in the new band “Blizzard of Ozz” but hired him anyway. The photo that graced the cover of “Born to Run” featuring Clarence Clemons, and Bruce Springsteen, may have had some effect on the racial issues of that era. My finest moment was when I was able to inform an associate that Bob Dylan did play with Tom Petty, as a member of the Traveling Wilburys. I did not seem quite so old. On the other hand when asked for sublime images I replied “please define a sublime image” only to be told that Sublime is a band, not a style of image. New names mean more research and more information. If I was honest I, enjoy the search, and the information ascertained. But……. I still can’t listen to the music.



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