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Net Neutrality.

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Net Neutrality has been passed by the FCC. The five member commission decided that the Internet is a dangerous place and needs regulating to keep us all safe from ourselves. That is my interpretation but not far from the official language. I just used shorter, more accurate words to say the same thing. A 302 page document has been produced, and as yet, is still to see the light of day. Those that have are not impressed. The general view of the leaked document is that is nothing more than a sugar coated grab for control, giving the Government the ability to regulate web content. Next will be the introduction of taxes on all transactions. Net Neutrality is already unraveling. Lawyers are preparing their briefs, the large internet providers are cutting deals and exemptions are being offered to favored companies to escape the restrictions. (Health Care Bill anyone????) Netflix, a huge proponent of Net Neutrality here in the USA has already cut a deal in New Zealand and Australia to be exempt from all “Net Neutrality laws in those two countries. Some have suggested that net neutrality will be a return to the “Stone Age” as far as internet speeds are concerned, here in the USA. The USA will have a slower internet than those in Europe, China and Japan as far as speed is concerned. Business worry, Individuals are concerned as to the speed of communications on both their mobile devices as well as computers. All in the name of fairness. Only in a utopian, or government controlled society are the masses subjected to fairness. The rich get richer is an oft quoted expression by both those in power and the masses. Lawyers will get a lot richer fighting this bill.



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