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NFL gets such high rating at this time of year.

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It is no wonder the NFL gets such high rating at this time of year. The weather is cold and people are generally indoors, and more importantly the viwer never knows what is going to happen. This weekend was no different. The Cowboys beat the Eagles, the Bills beat the Packers and the much anticipated Johnny Manziel Start with the Brown bit the dust, well, bit the stadium turf. Like the rookie QB’s before him he struggled. Forced out of the pocket, with lousy results the Cleveland Brown offense generated three first downs in the entire game. The Bengals only blitzed twice so it was not as though the Browns defense were under pressure the whole game. “Johnny Football” better let his arm do the talking instead of his mouth, rather quickly. The Green Bay Packers were 6 point favorites as they have been on a tear lately. The Bills ignored all that and came away as 21-13 victors thanks in large part to a torrid defense , who forced two interceptions and a fumble from a clearly befuddled Aaron Rodgers. Again it seems a great defense does not allow the Offense to get into its stride. One offense that was in stride was the Dallas Cowboys. 38 points were more than enough to turn the Philadelphia Eagles into losers. Up by 21 points during the 2nd quarter, Romo was the main reason for the win, after the Thanksgiving loss. The Eagles brought the game within reach when they closed to only four points behind but Romo and his receivers widened the gap in the final quarter to give the Cowboy faithful hope for the playoffs. Three games, three different outcomes, three team supporters happy, two team supporters unhappy, and the Brown’s supporters left shaking their heads “Here we go again”



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