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Polls Wrong Again.

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The Polls were wrong again. A self serving Poll in Florida gave the results of a Legal Marijuana poll as 88% of voters in Florida agreed with legalizing Marijuana for “Medical” purposes. The quotes are mine as most reasonable voters realize that legalizing Medical marijuana is the first step in legalizing all Marijuana. The Vote was close. 58% of the voters agreed but because of a 60% vote clause the motion failed to materialize. I can only assume the fight now, will be taken to a court of law. Some appointed Judge who is favorable to the amendment will strike down the vote and the fight to argue before the Supreme Court will begin. Quite frankly I was surprised that it garnered so many yes votes. Just because other states have ratified Medical Marijuana, does not mean Florida must also. Did not your mother give you the….. “Just because they jump off a cliff it doesn’t mean you have to” …..speech? Oregon, Washington DC, and Alaska all joined the marijuana party. Now 23 States and the District of Columbia have legalized “medical” or recreational marijuana. The other states must feel like the little Dutch Boy with his finger in the dam trying to hold back the water. In this misguided politically correct society we all live in, it feels like “they” are outnumbering “us”. As with all causes the reasoning on both sides of the issue is skewed to benefit their beliefs. The Polls don’t help. Questions are asked to predetermine the answer. Instead of asking “Do you want an increase in taxes” the question is disguised as “Would More money provided to Schools improve education?” The first question gets a resounding “No” but the second question receives a resounding “Yes”. Same outcome, increased taxes. Polls are skewed. Samples are weighted to get a predetermined outcome. They really need to be seen as the vehicle they are. The furthering of a cause, the justification for a “cause celeb”. A poll can show anything you want. If you pick the questions, you can get any answer you want.



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