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Germany is supposedly the best country in the world according to US News and World report. Germany, Canada, the UK, are all ranked above the USA. It has to be a politically corrected Bell curve because there is now way 100% of all the sixteen thousand people surveyed; selected Germany as the Best country in the world. True the German economy is the juggernaut of Europe, unemployment is relatively low, and the leadership is doing a good job. The worrying issue behind this survey is that over half of the surveyed were “informed elites” while only forty five hundred were “business leaders”. I am surprised they did not put France in first place due to its liberal unemployment and vacation policies. Any survey that includes “informed elites” has to be viewed as severely skewed. Canada always ranks highly as does the UK, and Australia. I believe this poll was a result of perceived beliefs, and not a factual study. Yes, Germany is a European leader in both economics, and global leadership. Its current immigrant issue, will dent is high quality of life, and citizenship scores. A pollster can skew results very easily. Ask a question one way to get the wanted answer or ask it another way to get a different answer. Polls are always commissioned by someone. The trick is to determine what that someone wants the result to be. Once that is established the seemingly crazy poll questions make sense.



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