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Rumble In The Jungle Memorabilia.

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Muhammad Ali Signed Doug London Canvas.

40 years ago today I was sitting in my Classroom in New Zealand with a group of children and teachers watching a portable Black and white television set. Ali was fighting George Foreman and we did not have time after class to get home for the start of the fight. Room Thirteen was a popular place that afternoon. George Foreman thought the fight would be easy. Ali took it so seriously that he worked on the heavy bag for the first time in years. Ali loved to watch the fight of Frazier Foreman in 1973 and kept telling all who would listen that Foreman had no Stamina. A plan was devised. Now known as “rope-a-dope”. Gus D’Amato told Ali that Foreman was a bully and Ali had to throw and land the first punch. Both premises worked. By round six Foreman was growing weaker. The counter punching from Ali was taking it toll. The end came in round eight. Foreman was on the canvas. The children gathered in room thirteen that afternoon watched with laughter as grown men all leapt to their feet, punching the air and uttering words that young children were not supposed to hear. Ali regained his world title and five Million Dollars. Foreman was also five million dollars richer but, he had lost his swagger. After the fight Ali’s dressing room was a “mob scene” while Foreman was alone with Heavyweight, Archie Moore and his dog. “To the victor go the spoils” was never so true. Ali went on to lose, then regain his Heavyweight title. George Forman was never the same but he did briefly regain the Heavyweight title in 1994. Not by beating his old adversary, but by defeating Michael Moorer, wearing the same red trunks he had worn during the “Rumble in the Jungle”.



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