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Scarface Remake.

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Scarface Autographed Cast Collage Display.

The 1983 movie “Scarface” has been selected for a remake. The 1983 cult classic was a little too close to reality for many and now a new version is slated to be based in Los Angeles rather than Miami. It is really hard to follow a great movie with another great movie based on the same storyline. Some remakes have been horrendous. The 1987 classic “Dirty Dancing” was remade in 2004. Romola Garai and Diego Luna, were no match for Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. Someone had the bright idea to remake the 1992 classic “Basic Instinct”. Some of the classic scenes were recreated but it never reached the height of popularity the first movie achieved. The “Blues Brothers” was remade in 2000. John Goodman was no John Belushi. Conan the Barbarian was remade but Jason Momoa was no Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Arthur” without Dudley Moore bombed. “The Women” without Joan Crawford did not make the grade, and nor did “The Taking of Pelham 123 as John Travolta showed he was no Walter Matthau. The issue now is whether the new Scarface should be remade at all. An even better line of discussion is who in his right mind would agree to follow Al Pacino.



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