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Seattle off to San Francisco to play the Rival 49'ers.

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Russell Wilson autographed Seahawks Jersey Display.

Seattle Seahawks defense shut down the Philadelphia Eagles offense this weekend. The Eagles were held to a very uncharacteristic 139 total yards of offense. Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez, did not complete a pass over five yards and had an interception at a crucial stage of the game. LeSean McCoy, Eagles star running back coughed up the football, allowing the Seahawks to take the lead early in the third quarter. The most telling stat was time of possession. Seahawks time in possession nearly forty two minutes, Eagles a little more than eighteen minutes. Difficult to score, with the offense warming the bench. Russell Wilson threw for two hundred and sixty three yards including two touchdowns. He also ran for forty three yards including one touchdown. The Seahawks most productive receiver, Doug Baldwin caught the ball five times and added ninety seven yards to the offensive total. A predictable Eagle Offense, coupled with the Seahawks preparation for it allowed the Seattle defense to dominate the game. The Eagles still have the NFC East lead with a big game against the Dallas Cowboys, this coming weekend. Seattle, on the other hand, are off to San Francisco to play the 49’ers who are getting desperate for a win. The need to take note of the old adage… “Beware the desperate team”



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