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Memorabilia takes many forms. During the last week two interesting memorabilia items were sold at Auction. The first was the world’s most intricate watch. A 1933 Patek Phillipe sold for a record $24.4 million. Ordered in 1925 it was not completed until 1933. Said to be associated with “bad luck” the watch sold in 1999 for a mere $11 Million. Bad luck or not it proved to be a very good investment. A hat was sold this week. Not just any hat, but one of the most recognizable hats in history. Napoleon is reputed to have had worn 120 hats during his reign of fifteen years as Emperor. Now only nineteen are known to exist, and most are in Museums. The power of fine memorabilia was recognized by the fact that it was not a Museum, not a Frenchman, not a European collector, but a South Korean food company that made the purchase. $2.4 Million was the hammer price and off to South Korea it goes. The new owner has purchased Napoleon’s hat as he saw the French Emperor as a mentor and kindred spirit. Memorabilia has that effect on people. No matter if it is the most complicated watch ever made, a bicorn hat, or a matted and framed photo of a sports, movie, history or music personality, it holds meaning to both the purchaser and the recipient. In many instances they are the same.



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