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Signature Royale News Trends.

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Here at Signature Royale, trends are a big part of our business. Sometimes trends are an indication of the must have signed or unsigned memorabilia that will be in demand. Especially during the holiday gift giving season. News trends can be an indication to the demand of interest in a person, or, depending on the reason for the news, a decline in interest. When Tiger Woods hit the now infamous fire hydrant, he was top of the trending news, but, as the reasons for fleeing the house became clear, the demand for his memorabilia both signed and unsigned, plummeted. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are embroiled in their normal soccer season battle of words and goals so they are trending up in the sporting world. Some trends make no sense. Dodge is the most searched Car Company while the Ford Mustang is the most searched for Automobile. Oprah Winfrey is the most searched Business Person while Bill Gates is second, probably because Oprah’s Celebrity outweighs Bill Gates’ philanthropy. Taylor Swift heads two categories, People and Teen Pop Artists. Kim must be livid. Pizza rules the food world while Coffee is number one searched for Drink. Signed and unsigned memorabilia are always popular but especially at this time of year. Whether you are looking for Sports, Entertainment, or History, www.SignatureRoyale.com either has it available now or can customize a piece especially for you, or yours. Maybe by clicking on the link we hit the trending lists. By the way. The most searched for book….. The Bible. Maybe there is hope for us all.



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