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Sometimes You Just Lose.

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Sometimes you just lose. Sometimes all the planning in the world does not work. Sometimes your head gets handed to you on a platter because it was not your day. The 24 hour news channels have had a field day as to why the Colts lost to the patriots. They are desperate to find the “Secret” as to why it happened, and who, is responsible. Sometimes there is no apparent reason. Cold weather deflates car tires so why does it not stand to reason that cold weather may have the same effect on footballs. That makes sense, but the Media and the Colts organization are looking for someone to blame for their big loss. The Patriots offensive performance cannot be blamed for Andrew Luck’s 12 for 33 passing. The Patriots Offense cannot be blamed for the Colts 19 for 83 yards rushing. The Patriots Offense cannot be blamed for the 2 for 10 yards in punt returns. Here we are about to go into the most watched NFL Game of the year and the questions from the media are still about possibly deflated footballs. Get over it. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it by a large margin. The Line was Patriots plus seven. That fortold what was about to happen to the Colts. They Lost. They lost big. Get over it. It happens. Don’t let it define who you are. Learn from it and go on.



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