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Star Wars Movie Is Creating Quite A Stir.

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The Star Wars movie is creating quite a stir. The buildup has been very calculated and has resulted in the largest ticket presales in history. The on-line trailer for “The Force Awakens” drew over one hundred million viewers alone. The reviews are glowing, the cast is legendary, and the story line evokes the memories of “films gone by”. Some have even suggested “…a sacred experience”. Whatever the feelings stirred by the movie, the young will marvel at it, and the middle aged will be taken back to their youth remembering a time when Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford were all thirty eight years younger. Words such as “grizzled”, “grand motherly” and “revered, older star” are being used to justify the return of the three key characters from the original 1977 Star Wars. They have successfully transitioned from that of “young guns” to stalwarts of the genre. Tomorrow is the day. The opening of the movie will be like a Star Wars Reunion, as young and old alike pour into movie theatres across the country, and for that matter around the world. Passion is caught, not taught, and a lot of movie patrons will regain the passion, will show the passion, and will pass on the passion to a whole new group of Star Wars fans.



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