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Steven Gerrard Leaving Liverpool FC.

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Steven Gerrard is leaving Liverpool. Everyone is saying all the correct things. Legendary, one of the world’s best, faithful servant, wish him well, yada yada, yada. Since he was an eight year old he has “bled red” and despite the attempt by the Liverpool Football Club to retain his services for the future, he has decided to move on. Half the season is still to play. Announcing your leaving at this stage is not smart. This is not a Derek Jeter farewell tour…… this is desertion. Liverpool needs to cut him loose. Yes, players leave, affiliations change, money talks, and as individual contractors a player has the right to decide if his future lies elsewhere. Liverpool Football club lie in eight place in the Premier League. Seventeen points behind League Leaders Chelsea and Manchester City. They need to win games fast if they are to retain the Champions League ambitions. You do that by cutting loose those not committed to the cause. You cut loose those whose future lies elsewhere. You cut loose Steven Gerrard, and play a club member, committed to the future of the club.



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