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Taylor Swift. A Change of Heart.

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Taylor Swift Signed Memorabilia.

Taylor Swift’s much anticipated new album “1989” shows a complete change of heart in both her attitude and songs. Instead of the “Gloom and Doom”, almost revenge attitude, that permeated her earlier song writing, this album is more upbeat, more forward thinking, and a definite change. Even her interviews are more upbeat. The promotional work for the new Album included the invitation of fans to meet with her and listen to the songs before official release. Her stories, recounting how the fans were selected for this privilege, make interesting reading. In her own words she “Stalked” they’re on line pages. Even better, are their twitter and online accounts of their meeting Taylor Swift. Taylor obviously enjoyed the process as much as the result as she “comes alive” while reiterating the stories. No one can question Taylor swift’s popularity. Now her attitude has seemingly changed. Now her music has changed. More upbeat. More Pop than Country, and possibly, even more appealing.



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