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The Daytona 500 Was Run Sunday.

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The Daytona 500 was run last Sunday. Kurt Busch emerged the winner by overtaking those who ran out of fuel on the last lap.A sponsor change for the Great American Race meant that their name was used in all advertising for the race.They paid for it, so they can maximize exposure however they wish. This renaming issue is an issue I have problems with.Just because a company outbids another for the naming right should not give them claim to the entire history of the event.This is not limited to the motor racing world.Golf tournaments are renamed continually.The Waste Management event in Scottsdale will always be the Phoenix Open.The Heritage in Hilton Head has been renamed four times in its 49-year history.The Los Angeles Open has now signed its fourth major sponsor.Football stadiums, Convention Centers, and Concert Venues all seek to offset their cost by selling naming rights. The changes in title sponsors are difficult to keep up with.It is not right that the new sponsor is given the name retroactive to the beginning of the event.The Honda Classic took the title sponsorship from America Motors who took it over from National Airlines.Many will remember the event started as the Jackie Gleason Classic in 1972.It has been “the Honda” so long I pity the next title sponsor for this event if there is ever the need for one.Sponsorship is great for sports.It provides much needed support and the charity dollars generated by such events.Please don’t crazy with the naming rights.You can call the Great American race “the blah, blah, blah cup series” but to the faithful it will always be the Daytona 500



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