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The Indianapolis Colts the Underdog Again, Against the Patriots.

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The Indianapolis Colts have a lot of followers for this weekend’s NFL, AFC Championship game. The winner will be Super Bowl Bound. The betting public favor the New England Patriots, not by the usual 3 points for hone advantage, but by a full touchdown. Statistics from previous meetings and historic trends are used to favor that argument. Both teams have won thirteen contests this season with the Colts having one more loss. The argument for the Colts to win seems to be based on their current form. They went into Denver and handily took care of the Broncos, despite being the underdog. Many excused have surfaced as to the cause of the Broncos poor display but the fact remains; the Colts reached the AFC Championship.Tom Brady and his team mates know they will need all the help they can get this weekend to “repel the invaders”. Throw the statistics out the window. All points favor the Patriots to get to their eight Super Bowl game. To achieve that, they will have to beat a very confident Indianapolis Colts. Heavy rain is in the forecast. Let’s hope the weather does destroy what could be a really good game.



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