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The NBA Season Is Half Way Through.

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The NBA season is a little over half way through. The leader of the pack is last year’s NBA Champion the Golden State WarriorsThe San Antonio Spurs are almost as good but the unfortunate situation is that they are in the same Western Conference division. These two teams appear to be head and shoulders above the rest. The Oklahoma City Thunder are hanging around but need to go on a run to make headway against the two western conference leaders. The Cleveland Cavaliers are leading the Eastern Conference with The Toronto Raptors in close pursuit. LeBron James is getting the best out of his team with Kyrie Irving providing the most support. The Los Angeles Lakers just need to get through this season in one piece. The departure of Kobe Bryant may be a season too late in many people’s eyes. A giant rebuilt will be necessary. The Philadelphia 76ers are in even worse shape. The season cannot be over quick enough for those two teams. So we watch. The battle will between the Warriors and the Spurs to face the Cavaliers in the NBA final. Let’s hope everyone stays healthy.



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